Alluring and sophisticated Cartier Hart

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Alluring and sophisticated Cartier Hart

Post on October 2nd 2008, 8:54 am

Im refined, sophisticated and utterly decadent -
I was brought up with a hunger for the best the world
can offer. It was not long before my tastes led me to
the kind of wild and debaucherous parties that only the
mega rich can afford to indulge in. You think Eyes wide
shut was HOT – My sexy escapades would keep you and your
girlfriends wide awake for weeks. Alluring and
provocative, I am a lady you won’t want to leave off
your personal invite list.

Visit our website at


Call 1300 763 446 (if calling from australia)

or +61 402 889 988 (if calling from outside the australia)
for bookings..

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